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Design © 2014 by Natalie Harney & Pembroke College JCR Art Fund Collection

Profile - Eleanor Trend, art rep

I'm Eleanor Trend, the Art Rep on the Pembroke JCR committee. My role is to organise drawing classes, JCR art competitions, gallery openings, sending out information about oxford art events to students, the loaning of artwork to students, talks from curators and artists, and anything else art-orientated which helps the art committee. #profile #jcr

Profile - Sarah Hegenbart, curator

Sarah Hegenbart is the curator of art at Pembroke. She is currently working towards a new temporary exhibition for the Pembroke Art Gallery and is acting as curator and conservator for the JCR Art Collection. Sarah also advises the JCR Art Fund Committee on possible new purchases and has recently organised a series of art school and gallery visits to identify new artistic positions. One of her aims is to establish a platform for cultural collaborations with other institutions, which will contribute to a wider engagement with the JCR art collection. Having completed a M.St. in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Oxford and a Magister in Philosophy and History of Art at the Humboldt Univer

Pembroke Art Gallery Opening - via TheOxStu

In seventh week of this term, the Pembroke College JCR Gallery will open its doors to the public for the first time in its history. In doing so, it will join the coterie of Oxford’s ‘secret galleries’, most of them hidden within colleges, or down side alleys across the city. Read the full article here #news #press #opening