Over 300 Visitors to Oxford Open Doors

PMB|ART are delighted to say that we welcomed over 300 visitors on Saturday 14th September as part of Oxford Open Doors 2019.

Between the Borderlines | Emery Prize 2018 | Student Review

Emery Prize winner Nour Jaouda explores the thresholds and liminalities of being a multi-cultural female artist in her Pembroke Art Gallery exhibition ‘Between the Borderlines’ Jaouda’s waxy, tarpaulin-like canvas is used as a background for hand embroidery in the finest lines, creating fleeting silhouettes and outlines of city scenes. Reminiscent of Tracey Emin’s use of invective language in her embroidery work or perhaps even Judy Chicago’s ‘Dinner Party’, the rough material, together with a skill traditionally associated with women’s craft rather than fine art, poses the question of the role of women within the art world. Here, embroidery demands to be perceived as an art form, its bright

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