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Copyright permission has kindly been granted by Angela Palmer.

Angela Palmer


Angela Palmer's works focus on anatomical; she has been working with consultants at The John Radcliffe Hospital and University College London, as well as with Dr Matthew Wood at Oxford University's Anatomy School. Her work is largely based on the latest MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanning techniques. As part of her studies, she has undergone full body scans as well as extensive functional MRI's at UCL. She has used scanned images to engrave or draw directly onto glass sheets, which are then placed in a glass cube, recreating a three-dimensional image of her head and brain. She has used specialist museum-quality non-reflective glass, and the cubes are made by a company specializing in precision glass work.Palmer's Head is presented at eye-level on a white plinth, with a light box inset to allow the light to catch the gullies and engraved glass. This display gives the appearance of a floating image encased within a glass case. Her interests are in creating an ethereal effect of the images and on creating her work for the display in a museum environment. Palmer has exhibited at The Fine Art Society, London; The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh; Modern Art Oxford and the Winchester Festival of Science and Art.


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