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Future Shows...

Our upcoming exhibition programme:

Autumn 2023: Bailey & Bailey

In Autumn 2023 we will host artists Julian Bailey and Gabriella Bailey for the father and daughter's first joint exhibition and Gabriella's debut exhibition. 

Dates and details to be announced soon.

Spring 2024: 2023 Emery Prize Exhibition | Will Lowry

In Spring 2024 we give the gallery over to artist William Lowry, winner of the 2023 Emery Prize, to curate a solo-exhibition of his current and previous work. Will's work combines drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and sound to probe themes of personal and collective memory, masculinity and queer desire, myth, and modernity. The exhibition is an opportunity for the emerging artist to showcase his work in a gallery setting.

Dates and details to be announced soon.

Summer 2024: Land, Sea, and Sky | Paul Nash in Oxford

In Summer 2024 we will collaborate with a local team to curate an exhibition of Paul Nash's work in Oxford that will engage with the influence that the city of Oxford and its surrounding landscapes on the artwork of one of Britain's greatest artists.

Dates and details to be announced soon.

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