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Future Shows...

Our upcoming exhibition programme:

Spring 2024: Terminus | William Lowry

In Spring 2024 we give the gallery over to artist William Lowry, winner of our 2023 Emery Prize, for his exhbition Terminus. William's work combines drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and sound to probe themes of personal and collective memory, masculinity and queer desire, myth, and modernity. Terminus will draw on both contemporary and classical imagery to explore existential questions of continuation and finality.

From the 2nd - 6th March. Gallery open 11am - 4pm daily. 

Private View on Friday, March 1st, 4pm-6pm.

Sound Performance and Q&A on Sunday, March 3rd, 6pm-8pm.

Spring 2024: Just Looking | James Gemmill & Gavin Lockheart | Oxford Festival of the Arts

In Spring 2024 we will partner with the Oxford Festival of the Arts to present Just Looking, an exhibition on the works of painters James Gemmill and Gavin Lockheart. The subliminal thread running throughout this body of work is the way in which they play on different possible interpretations of stories both told and untold; they tell a story (or do they?), but the interpretation of that story must emerge within the viewer. There is a darkness in some of Gemmill and Lockheart's paintings, a link to horrors and inhumanities around us, but is there a glimmer of hope? That is up to you.

From the 20th – 28th of April. Gallery open 11am-4pm on weekends and 4pm-7pm on weekdays.

Private View on Friday 19th April, 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Summer 2024: Land, Sea, and Sky | Paul Nash in Oxford | Oxford Festival of the Arts

In Summer 2024, Land, Sea, and Sky  will draw on the holdings of the Ashmolean Museum, the Tate archives, a number of Oxford colleges and private collections, seeking to bring the work of renowned British surrealist painter and war artist Paul Nash to a new generation of viewers – shedding light on the Oxfordshire locations that inspired his work and the Oxonian women who supported him. This project is in collaboration with Oxford Festival of the Arts and a team of curators, writers, researchers and art historians from across the country.

From the 11th May - 9th June​. Gallery open 11am-4pm on weekends and 4pm-7pm on weekdays.

Private View on Friday 10th May, 6pm-9pm.

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