Emery Prize 2021

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Emery Prize 2021 is Ruskin BFA Finalist 

Deshna Shah

The Committee were intrigued by Deshna's participatory and performative artistic practice., and wanted to offer her the opportunity to develop her artworks further. We look forward to welcoming everyone to a solo-exhibition of her work in 2022.

@deshnaart    |    www.thiseraart.com

Deshna Shah is a multi-media artist based in Manchester and London, whose work seeks to address her complex relationship to location, culture and belonging. Deshna uses her work to question the residual impacts of relocation, judgement and the unspoken especially within the South Asian diaspora. Living with dyslexia, she combines Hindi, Gujarati, and English within her artwork, sometimes transformed into her 'Twilight Language'. Her enigmatic alphabet is used to narrate personal and social stories. Her practice offers up a method of healing through participation and visual imagery. Her work fluidly meets at the crossroads of installation, dance, performance, filmmaking, new media, and critical theory. Deshna has recently completed a BFA at the Ruskin.

@deshnaart    |    www.thiseraart.com


The prize-winner was selected from the Ruskin School of Art BFA and MFA finalists. The judging panel, comprised of the Pembroke College JCR Art Collection Committee, made their decision based on the work which was submitted as part of their finals examination/portfolio. This year the committee were impressed with all the entries and we want thank all the Ruskin students who submitted their work.

You can see more of this years' Ruskin BFA and MFA Finalists' artwork here:

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