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A WORLD AWAY: Julian Bailey & Gabriella Bailey

A WORLD AWAY invites you to experience worlds real and imagined through the eyes of two generations of an artistic family with links to both Oxford and Dorset – places that have shaped the literary universe of many writers and artists.


Painter and printmaker Gabriella Bailey works primarily with the mediums of oil paint and dry point - using them to craft an enchanting universe of colour and form imbued with an often somehow medieval or monastic quality. This is Gabriella’s debut exhibition.


Her father, British painter Julian Bailey works mainly in oil paint and gouache, employing a concise, colourful style that, though appearing spontaneous, is the product of a meticulous process of refinement and controlled destruction.


Julian’s painting Four Youths on a Wall, Santa Maria del Mar, was donated to the Pembroke JCR Art Collection in 2007. The piece will be displayed as part of ‘A WORLD AWAY’ in dialogue with a host of new pieces created by both Julian and Gabriella especially for the exhibition.


The exhibition is open to the public from the 4th-19th November, Saturdays and Sundays only, from 11am-4pm, at the Pembroke JCR Art Gallery with entrance from Brewer Street.

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