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COMMITTEE 2021 - 2022




I am the curator of the collection and the gallery exhibitions. My role involves all aspects of caring for, curating and championing the collection. I curate at least one exhibition a term, working with the Committee, the collection and contemporary artists. I have a background in contemporary arts and exhibitions, with a specialist interest in architecture, photography, dress and social history. I work for the Committee on a part-time basis, and enjoy delving into the collection to learn more about the individual artworks. 




I’m a third-year student studying English, and previously was Co-char of the Committee. On hearing about the Art Fund shortly after joining Pembroke last year, I was taken aback by the scale of impact it had not only on the cultural life of the college, but also on the financial side. I knew that it was something with which I wanted to be involved, having a personal interest in contemporary photography.

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Since I arrived in Pembroke I’ve been lucky enough to have pictures from the Art Collection on the wall of my office and it’s a wonderful opportunity to give something back as the Governing Body nominee on the Art Fund Committee.  I have always enjoyed art and visiting galleries, so it has been great to be able to learn more about how galleries work and to get to know the collection here closely.

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I am a trustee on the committee.

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I’m currently a second year studying History and the Chair of the committee. The Pembroke JCR Art Collection is an incredibly unique and interesting part of College. As well as having a truly impressive contemporary art collection, its gallery and role in College life made it something I really wanted to be involved with this year.  I am very excited about working with the rest of the committee this year to help the gallery and collection recover from COVID and open back up to the public and College.




I am a second year studying economics and management and I am currently serving as the Art Fund treasurer for 2021-2022. I took on the position of treasurer at the Art Fund because I wanted to pursue my growing interest in art and open myself up to the variety that exists. I hope to immerse myself in and explore the unique art collection Pembroke is home to. In addition to this, I am passionate about access and inclusion and hope I can support any and all students during their time at Pembroke College. I am excited to work with Hal Bishop over the next year and aim to continue the positive impact the Art Fund has on our experience at Pembroke. 

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JCR President | Trustee

I am a second year and am the JCR President. I sit on the committee as a trustee.

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JCR Vice-President | Trustee

I am a second year and am the JCR Vice-President. I sit on the committee as a trustee.

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I am a trustee on the committee.

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