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Qianhui Yang, Chair 

Qianhui is a second-year undergraduate reading Economics and Management. As the current Chair of the Pembroke JCR Art Fund, her role involves working with the Curator and the Art Fund Committee to make decisions regarding exhibitions, Hardship and Travel grants, acquisitions, as well as other activities which spreads awareness of and celebrates art of our time. Qianhui is enthusiastic about extending Pembroke students’ involvement with the Art Fund and hopes that this can be done through the exciting exhibitions lined up for this year (the Emery Prize: Nour Jaouda, Art for the Next Decade and own collection). 

Miranda Zhang, Treasurer
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Miranda is a final year undergraduate studying Experimental Psychology, and is the treasurer of the Art Fund this year. Her role on the committee involves drafting budget for the year, managing the accounts, and providing input into the various activities of the Art Fund and the gallery. She enjoys travelling and visiting art galleries all around the world, and is always keen to see how artists express their thoughts through different forms of art. She looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of British contemporary art through the Art Fund’s work.

Joseph Mead, Trustee 

Joseph Mead, a trustee and former chair of the Pembroke JCR Art Fund, is a third-year undergraduate studying Economics and Management. Initially interested in the hyperrealist works of artists such as Emmanuel Descanio and Paul Cadden, Joe has enjoyed being exposed to the diverse range of mediums found in the collection and exhibitions and is excited to see how the gallery in Pembroke will progress in future. 

Meris Ryan-Goff, Trustee
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Meris Ryan-Goff is a fourth-year student in English and French and previously the JCR Art Fund President (2016-2017) and JCR Art Rep (2015-2016). Meris is back on the committee after a year in France and is very excited about the plans for the gallery this year. Her favourite pieces within the collection are Minton's works, Bridge from Canon Street Station and Thameside along with Fedden's Girls in Provence.

Megan Knock, Trustee

“Hey, my name’s Megan and I’m a third-year medic. I’m excited to be involved with the art fund! I’m looking forward to helping with the exhibitions and I am particularly keen to get more medically related art into the gallery as I believe there is a strong association between art and science which I’d like to explore!” 

Sarah Winski, Trustee 

Sarah is a third-year Sinologist undergraduate. As a trustee, her role is to sit on the committee and help make decisions about the direction of the Art Fund. She has had experience working in auction houses and galleries in China and hopes to apply these skills to her role on the committee. 

Lola Gabellini-Fava, Art Rep

Lola Gabellini-Fava is the new JCR Art Rep for this year, and a first-year undergraduate studying English and French. Her role in the committee involves ensuring communication with the JCR, and getting involved in the exhibitions and acquisitions, as well as events and activities such as art week. Having studied History of Art at A Level, her interests lie primarily in art theory, criticism, and the sixteenth century.

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