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Committee 2019 - 2020


Tatjana LeBoff, Curator
I am the curator of the collection and the gallery exhibitions. My role involves all aspects of caring for, curating and championing the collection. I curate at least one exhibition a term, working with the Committee, the collection and contemporary artists. I have a background in contemporary arts and exhibitions, with a specialist interest in architecture, photography, dress and social history. I work for the Committee two days a week, and enjoy delving into the collection to learn more about the individual artworks. 


Lola Gabellini-Fave, Chair

Hi, I’m Lola and I’m the Chair of the JCR Art Fund this year. After sitting on the committee as Art Rep last year, I’m very excited about this new role. I am passionate about art and hope to work in this field in the future. Sitting on the Art Fund committee is an incredible opportunity to learn about business and art that I believe can’t be found anywhere else as a student. I’m eager to work with a diverse committee this year, whose interests are so wide-ranging, as well as make the most of our amazing collection, and hopefully meet a few new artists along the way!

Charlie Collins, Treasurer

I am a second year student and Treasurer for the committee. 


Lily Westcott, JCR Art Rep

Hi, I’m Lily, this year’s JCR Art Rep. I’m a second year studying History and English. I love getting people involved in art and think it’s a fun hobby or interest that often gets left behind when people go to uni. I will be organising art events in college that will be fun and accessible for all abilities and interests. We are the first Oxford college with our own gallery and collection, so it’s an amazing chance to make the most of it - whether that be by our art loans, life drawing classes or termly exhibitions.


Peter Corti, JCR President

Hey, I’m Peter and I’m the JCR President. I wanted to get involved with the Art Fund form the moment I started invigilating the art gallery during an exhibition. Art is something special that can really make someone feel happy and I’m excited to be working alongside everyone on the committee to maximise the positive impact it has on life in Pembroke.


Harry Deacon, JCR Vice President

My name is Harry and I’m the JCR VP for this year. Part of my role involves sitting on the Art Fund Committee where I am primarily responsible for coordinating Hardship Fund and Travel Grants in collaboration with the rest of the team. I’m looking forward to helping Pembroke students maximise their experience through these grants and ensuring that these are maintained for the future.


Megan Knock, Trustee
My name is Megan and I’m a 4th year medic. I’ve always enjoyed creating art as a pastime, so I wanted to join the committee to find a way to link to my artistic side amongst my studies. Being able to help select what gets shown in the gallery to get viewed by the public and people within college is interesting and It’s also a great way to be part of the Pembroke community.


Sarah Winski, Trustee I’m a finalist reading Chinese. As a trustee, my role is to sit on the committee and help make decisions about the direction of the Fund. Our collection includes some amazing pieces and I am especially excited to grow student and community engagement.


Qianhui Yang, Trustee
Hey, I’m Q, one of the Trustees for the art fund this year and a former chairperson. After an incredible year as chair, I look forward to remaining on the committee and seeing how the art fund progresses in celebration of art of our time. The John Piper pieces are amongst some of my favourites within the collection, though I also really like the portraiture within the collection as that’s what I tend to sketch and paint in my spare time.

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