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Evelyn Williams


Evelyn Williams is a Welsh artist, who was born in 1929. She attended St Martin's School of Art and then The Royal College of Art but started her training at A.S. Neil's famous Summerhill School at the age of 14. Her 40 year career began by winning the John Moores Prize for sculpture in 1961. She has many admirers, such as Faye Weldon, the late Sir Hugh Casson, Paula Rego,and John McEwen A film of her book "Work & Words" was produced for television and starred Helen Mirren. Her pictures are full of anguish and sadness. Evelyn once wrote of her work: "Is there a disease that manifests a person taking upon themselves the suffering of the world? What is its name? I believe I have the disease and in my case it is at the very center of my work."


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Lament 2, Then the trouble came

Copyright permission has kindly been granted by Evelyn Williams.

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