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Victor Pasmore (1908 - 1998)


Victor Pasmore was potentially the most influential British abstract artists and became one of the leading abstract painters of our time. Pasmore was a leading figure in the promotion of abstract art and reform of the fine art education system. From 1943–1949, he taught at Camberwell School of Artwhere one of his students was Terry Frost whom he advised not to bother with the School's formal teaching and to instead study the works in the National Gallery.Beginning in 1947, he developed a purely abstract style under the influence of Ben Nicholson and other artists associated with Circle, becoming a pioneering figure of the revival of interest in Constructivism in Britain following the War.  His work can be found in many public collections around thre world including Tate Britain, the Royal Academy of Arts - London, the British Council, the Museum of Moder Art - New York, the Yale Center for British Art and many regional British galleries.


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Copyright permission has kindly been granted by the Estate of Victor Pasmore.

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