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Rima's Song

Copyright permission has kindly been granted by Tom Phillips.

Tom Phillips


Tom Phillips (born 1937) is an English painter, print maker, illustrator and composer. He was born in London and studied English Literature at St. Catherine's College, Oxford. He studied art at the Camberwell School of Art with Frank Auerbach. His love of literature, languages and music are interwoven with his passion for art. His Recapitulatory paintings, 1962 - 1974, reveal an eclectic approach to diverse styles and forms of picture making influenced by Pop Art. He incorporated used postcards as a means of relating the process of painting to those of four-colour commercial printing. He translated and illustrated Dante's "Inferno" and developed an increasing expertise in African art and was the curator of the exhibition "Africa, the Art of the Continent" in 1955."The City" is the first painting that he sold. It appears in the background of the portrait of the former master of Pembroke College, Robert Stevens, which he painted and is now hanging in the Dining Hall of the College.


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