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Linda Fitzpatrick
The Voyeur


This print entitled The Voyeur is ambiguous: are we the viewer the voyeur? Is the little girl the voyeur? Is the artist the voyeur? We are left somewhat perplexed by the uncertainty of what this work means, how we should read it? The handwritten text gives little context. The first line seems to refer to the little girl, but the second line roots the narrative in the photograph of the little girl, rather than the human being herself. ‘With cupped and curled up edges’ gives the impression of an old photograph, found in a forgotten album, dug out and repurposed for this artwork.

The relationship between image and text, and artwork and title are highlighted here. Without the title of ‘The Voyeur’, would we necessarily view the work with the same connotations?

Linda Fitzpatrick

Portraits: What you lookin' at?

“Blushing pink, in humble pose
with cupped and curled up edges”

Linda Fitzpatrick
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