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David Hockney RA (b.1937)
Sketch of Patrick Procktor, 1965

Ink on paper

Portriat of Procktor by Hockeny.jpg

Portraits: What you lookin' at?

This loosely drawn ink sketch displays Hockney’s distinctive linear drawing style, with only very few areas of tonal variation. Procktor is positioned centrally in the composition and is depicted sitting with his legs crossed, smoking and drawing. Procktor’s left leg is slightly cropped (Procktor was well known for being very tall!) and there is the outline of another, unclear shape beside his leg, which helps to add depth to the composition. To the lower right, Hockney has added a caption reading ‘Partick Procktor drawing a beam’ and has signed his initials with ‘oxford ’65’. This sketch and a reciprocal drawing created by Procktor of Hockney showcase their close relationship during this time as two artists embarked on their artistic careers.

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