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Terminus | William Lowry

Saturday, March 2nd - Wednesday, March 6th, 11am - 4pm daily.

Private View: Friday, 1st March, 4pm - 6pm. 

Artist's Sound Performance and Q&A: Sunday, 3rd March, 6pm-8pm. RSVP here

Terminus showcases an extensive body of new drawings, sculptures, and original music by upcoming multi-media artist William Lowry. It draws on both contemporary and classical imagery to explore existential questions of continuation and finality. Images of hippodromes, racetracks and amphitheatres call to mind the crumbling vestiges of dead empires and civilisations, while depictions of wrestlers, soldiers and sportsmen conjure up associations of control, subjugation and domination. These images, among others, are presented either as spotlit drawings, within backlit sculptures, or as light projections, forming a complex network of objects both large and small. They sprawl throughout the dimmed gallery space, terminating with a larger installation piece which towers at the far end of the gallery. Meanwhile, an original soundtrack hums in the background, creating an atmosphere which is poignant, hopeful, yet also menacing.

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