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Bratby Discovered

Going through our library storeroom, we've made an exciting discovery - a painting we didn't know we had by John Bratby.

Bratby is widely regarded as the founder of the 'Kitchen Sink Realism' school of work, which is pretty much what it says on the tin, artists depicted scenes of everyday life and everyday objects. The movement is often classed as an aspect of John Osbourne's "Angry Young Men Movement". Bratby's paintings have been popular in recent years being featured in films and on album covers, as well as in Sir Paul McCartney's personal collection. Our painting is particularly interesting as it feature's Bratby's wife, Jean Cook, who was a fellow painter and rival of Bratby's to the extent that he didn't normally like to depict her working.

Unfortunately, because of it's storage, the Bratby is going to need some conservation work before it is ready to be hung as part of the 'on show' collection, but we will keep you updated.

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