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  • Tatjana LeBoff, Curator

Over 300 Visitors to Oxford Open Doors

PMB|ART are delighted to say that we welcomed over 300 visitors on Saturday 14th September as part of Oxford Open Doors 2019.

On a warm sunny Saturday I came into College to make sure everything was in place for Oxford Open Doors. I had already hung the artworks, the projector was working (for once!) and the handout sheets had been printed. We blue up the balloons and put the signs out to say that we were open for visitors, and boy.... did visitors come. Before we even opened at noon we had people wanting to come in. At some times is was a bit of a squeeze in our little gallery, but we think people enjoyed themselves

It was a pleasure to meet so many different people that day, from those who had been to the gallery a few times, those who had just stumbled upon us, and those who had sought us out especially. We want to thank everyone who came to visit us and thank Oxford Preservation Trust for running such an amazing event.

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